Site 1.4 Mixed forest - Lyrebird Nature Walk 
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Site 1.4 Mixed forest - Lyrebird Nature Walk (alt. 680m)
Site 1.4 Mixed forest - Lyrebird Nature Walk (alt. 680m)
Grid Reference E4728 S52746. Altitude 680m.

Site Description: Wet sclerophyll forest being replaced by rainforest in the absence of fire, producing emergent eucalypts (big ones!) with a closed understorey of rainforest species.

Distinguishing species:
Anopterus glandulosus Species Information Page
Atherosperma moschatum Species Information Page
Eucalyptus delegatensis Species Information Page
Nothofagus cunninghamii Species Information Page
Phyllocladus aspleniifolius Species Information Page
Ecological factors:
Soil: Clay Loam over brown, uniform deep stony clay loam.
Aspect: East 90 degrees
Slope: 5-10 degrees
Rainfall: 1250 mm
Vegetation type: Mixed forest (Eucalyptus delegatensis  tall - forest).
Geology: Triassic sandstone

Vegetation Structure

  • Rainforest canopy species (Nothofagus sp. and Atherosperma) approximately 25-30m and 95% coverage, emergent eucalypts upto 60m.
  • Understorey generally composed of rainforest species
  • Groundcover dominated by ferns and bryophytes.

Vegetation Processes

  • Mixed forest- a reality or a seral successional stage, a disclimax.
  • Light limitation on understorey vegetation restricts growth to rainforest species.
  • Absence of a fire event in the next 50-100 years will result in die-off of emergent eucalypts and no regeneration of eucalypt seedlings therefore a pure rainforest will result.
  • A fire event in the near future may shift vegetation towards a wet sclerophyll vegetation type.
Common species at this site