Site 2.2 Sclerophyll shrubbery (Kallista Ck) on the Scotts Peak Dam Road. 
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Site 2.2 Sclerophyll shrubbery (Kallista Ck) on the Scotts Peak Dam Road.
Grid Reference E4614 S52646. Altitude 290m.

Site Description: A prime site for jack jumpers, watch where you sit.

Distinguishing species:
Agastachys odorata Species Information Page Gymnnoschoenus sphaerocephalus  Species Information Page
Bauera rubioides Species Information Page Leptospermum glaucescens  Species Information Page
Eucalyptus nitida Species Information Page Melaleuca squamea  Species Information Page
Ecological factors:
Soil: Black To dark red brown fibrous shallow peat over grey graditional sandy clay on upper slope near road, to deep black fibrous peat over black muck on lower slope.
Aspect: South-west, 220 degrees.
Slope: 1-5 degrees.
Rainfall: 1500mm.
Vegetation type: Buttongrass sedgeland grading to Melaleuca squamea  shrubland and  Eucalyptus nitida open-scrub.
Geology: Precambrian / cambrian siltstone / sandstone.

Vegetation Structure

  • Shrubland/heath vegetation to 1.5m with Leptospermum glaucescens, Melaleuca squamea, Acacia mucronata, Banksia marginata.
  • Groundcover of sedges and rushes predominantly Restio sp. and Gymnoschoenus sp..

Vegetation Processes

  • Vegetation boundaries
  • Role of fire regimes, soil fertility and waterlogging
Common species at this site