Site 2.4 Mixed Forest - Near the needles picnic ground

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Site 2.4 Mixed Forest - Near the needles picnic ground
Grid Reference E4512 S52655. Altitude 480m.

Site Description:

Distinguishing species:
Atherosperma moschatum Species Information Page Monotoca glauca Species Information Page
Cenarrhenes nitida Species Information Page Nothofagus cunninghamii Species Information Page
Dicksonia antarctica Species Information Page Phyllocladus aspleniifolius Species Information Page
Eucalyptus delegatensis Species Information Page Pittosporum bicolor Species Information Page
Ecological factors:
Soil: Red brown gradational shallow fibrous peat over dark brown organic loam and dark grey-brown clay-loam.
Aspect: Flat.
Slope: 1-5 degrees.
Rainfall: 1250-1500mm.
Vegetation type: Eucalyptus delegatensis mixed forest.
Geology: Alluvium, dolerite fluvio-glacial deposits overlaying Ordovician carbonite sediments.

Vegetation Structure

  • Emergent E. delegatensis to 60m with rainforest species underneath.
  • Open understorey, dominated by bryophytes and ferns except for disturbed fringes with increased light availability.

Vegetation Processes

  • Soil fertility and rainforest structure
  • Altitudinal replacement of eucalypt species


Common species at this site