RESTIONACEAE Empodisma minus (Calorophus lateriflorus)

Empodisma minus (Calorophus lateriflorus)

Distinguishing features: Very common and widespread in wet, peaty vegetation . Ranges from about 10-20 mm tall in cushion plants to 1 m tall in lowland sedgeland/heath. Glossy green, sinuous wiry stems, usually branched, with leaves reduced to sheathing scales more or less uniformly distributed along the stems. Leaves with long woolly white hairs in the axils.
Sites Found: 
Site 1.6 Subalpine sclerophyll woodland
Site 1.8 Coniferous shrubbery
Site 1.11 Coniferous shrubbery
Site 1.12 Microshrubbery
Site 2.2 Sclerophyll shrubbery
Site 2.6 Buttongrass moorland

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