Division of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students & Education)

Levy-funded Incentivisation and Grant Schemes


The University of Tasmania's strategic plan Open to Talent: Strategic Plan 2012-Onwards outlines an ambitious vision for the University. As a strategy to aid in the achievement of the University's ambitions, the University budget model for 2014 saw the introduction of strategic and operational levies coordinated by the Divisions of the Deputy Vice-Chancellors and the Provost. The introduction of the levies was intended to help ensure allocation of the associated budget to university strategic priorities, to make lines of accountability clearer for all, and to facilitate enhanced outcomes.

Within the Division of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students & Education), levy funding will be utilised to offer a number of incentivisation and grant schemes. In order to ensure that they remain aligned with University strategic priorities and are responsive to variations in available funding, the incentivisation and grant schemes offered will be subject to annual review and will change over time.

Strategic priorities for the Students and Education portfolio are articulated in a number of strategic documents and in particular within the UTAS Strategic Plan for Learning and Teaching 2012 - 2014 and the Student Experience Plan 2013 – 2015. In 2014, the Division of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students & Education) will offer the following Levy-funded incentivisation and grant schemes:

Strategic Levies

  1. Projects of Institutional Significance

Operational Levies

  1. Honours Incentivisation
  2. Teaching Quality Incentivisation:
    • Teaching Development Grant Scheme
    • Teaching Fellowship Scheme
    • Communities of Practice
    • Teaching Quality Performance Fund

Levy funding will be allocated to the Divisions in two tranches each year. Receipt of the second tranche of funding is dependent on the achievement of university projections and targets. Excess funding from any given levy will be used to top up other levy funded schemes within the Division.

The programs and initiatives supported by the levies are expected to have clear and broadly communicated guidelines, with funds to be acquitted and project outcomes reported through the University committee structure.

Specific guidelines associated with each of the incentivisation and funding schemes offered by the Division of Students & Education are contained in these pages. Guidelines and associated funding allocations will be overseen by committees of the University Learning and Teaching Committee and the Student Experience Committee.