For those students located on-campus the Faculty offers facilities for:

  • Science
  • IT Services
  • Art
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Human Movement and Dance
  • Outdoor Education
  • Home Economics

All students have 24 hour access to computer laboratories on all of the campuses.

Full-time research students who opt to study on-campus are provided with fully equipped workstations in shared research offices, with access to Faculty resource rooms and facilities.

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Specialist Teaching Space - Human Movement/Health Physical Education

The facilities for Health Physical Education are located at Newnham Campus, in Launceston, and includes a gymnasium and dance studio.

The Gymnasium (G104) is a large multi-purpose gym used in all programs in the Faculty of Education; also used after hours by a range of community groups for a range of activities. It is ideal for indoor games and sports, and is used as both a teaching and recreation area.

It has store rooms that are stocked with sports and gymnastic equipment of all types. There are basketball rings at either end of the court, and holes for putting up volleyball nets and netball rings. The court is lined for many different sports.

The Dance Studio (G232), which is located upstairs in the Human Movement building, features a state-of-the-art wooden floor, expansive mirrors, and is ideally suited for use as a dance area.

This area is used for teaching and learning in the Bachelor of Human Movement and Bachelor of Education programs. It is used to teach movement skills, dance and aerobics.


Newnham Campus, Building A, A015

Music students have access to both a Music Education Teaching Room and Music Education Computer Laboratory.

The Music Education Teaching Room is a flexible learning space for music education including: piano, sound system, tuned percussion instruments and non tuned percussion instruments.

The Music Laboratory features MIDI equipment perfect for composing and arranging music. The Music MIDI Lab contains 5 Apple iMac G4 Computers with Mac OSX which have:

  • Roland Midi SoundScape Keyboards,
  • Microphones
  • Sibelius Music Notation Software,
  • Other Sequencing and Notation Software.

The is also one dedicated machine that has a Guitar Digitools Music Mixing System and Protools Audio Recording Software.

Specialist Teaching Space - Demonstration Kitchen

Newnham Campus - The Demonstration Kitchens consists of a teaching space with facilities to demonstrate cooking techniques and a kitchen for students to make food products. The kitchen is equipped with work spaces for 24 students.
There is a library containing food and nutrition information and a wide range of kitchen equipment. The demonstration kitchen is used by students studying to be secondary food and nutrition teachers. The kitchen is also used by other Faculties such as the English Language Centre to enable students to gain language skills while preparing a meal

Computer Laboratories

All students have 24 hour access to computer laboratories on all of the campuses.

Launceston Campus
  • Computer Lab B213 - seats 24 students + 1 computer for tutor, projector.
  • Computer Lab B220 - seats 19 students + 1 computer for tutor, projector.
Hobart Campus
  • Computer lab H215 (24hour lab accessible by proxy card to FoE and ELC students) 20 x PCs, 1 Printer, no projector.
  • Computer lab H313 8 x PCs, 1 Printer, no projector.
  • Computer lab H32619 x Student PCs, 1 x Lecturer PC with projector, 1 x b & w printer, 1 x colour printer.
  • Labs 215 and 313 have boards and space for projectors.
Cradle Coast Campus
  • Room B1.25 has 22 pc's + 1 for tutor and a projector

Education ICT Helpdesk

The Education ICT Helpdesk provides IT support to both students and staff. The desk itself is located near the three B Block computer laboratories. The staff there are responsible for the administration and maintenance of ICT equipment, the computer laboratories, and loaning out ICT equipment.

The Helpdesk staff provide technical support and advice to education students and staff. The equipment that is available for loan includes digital cameras, laptops, digital projectors etc.

For any IT queries, such as forgotten passwords, or forwarding your emails to another account, visit the IT service desk. Alternatively, contact the Service Desks that are located in the libraries on the Hobart of Launceston Campus, or phone, + 61 3 1818.