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Student Exchange - Outgoing

Stockholm, Sweden

Copenhagen, Denmark

Butler University, USA

The Faculty of Education offers opportunities for students enrolled in full-time courses in the Faculty to undertake a period of academic study (usually one semester) at those institutions with which the University has a formal exchange program in place.

Global Opportunities

Are you aware of the global opportunities available to you as an Education student?

The exchange takes place in the 2nd Semester of the 3rd year of study, as part of the Professional Experience program. 

"Student exchange is a fantastic opportunity to immerse your self in different cultures. Not just the culture of your host country but also the cultures of the plethora of people you meet through the exchange programme, extra curricular activities, additional travel and in everyday interaction. I believe that through meeting such diverse humours, idiosyncrasies and perspectives on the world a real value of your own heritage, sense of belonging and especially sense of self is discovered." Matty Braid, former Faculty of Education student in exchange at Stockholm University, Sweden

Outgoing International Exchange Program

The Faculty of Education offers opportunities for students enrolled in full-time courses to undertake academic study (usually one semester) at an institution which the University has a formal exchange program.

Whilst the University of Tasmania has many formal exchange arrangements with many international partner institutions, the Faculty of Education has selected a smaller number of these partner institutions for its approved exchange programs. These institutions offer programs which are more closely aligned with the Faculty's own programs, goals and strategic plan.

Our current international partners are:

For Pre-Service/Undergraduate Education students

Further Information

There is more information at the University of Tasmania International Student Exchange. This site will provide you with an overview of the University International Exchange program and provide you with comprehensive information.

If you are an education student with the Faculty of Education, please direct your queries in the first instance to Dr Greg Ashman.