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Learning and Teaching

In the Faculty of Education, quality learning and teaching is at the heart of our endeavours and our students and their needs are at the centre of our course design and delivery. We orientate ourselves and our programs around the principles of excellence, autonomy, scholarship, self-inquiry and creativity.

Our courses enable students to graduate as knowledgeable, critically reflective and resilient educators who are able to influence the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of the children in their care. We strive to model good practice in the way we teach, lead and care for our student teachers and thus also actively engage in critical reflection. We welcome feedback from our students, alumni, and participating school communities, and actively seek this in a variety of forms.

Our current new curriculum reflects many cycles of review, which has sought the opinions of many. On the macro level, this reflective process becomes the centre of our action learning to inform curricula and cultural change. On the micro-level, we encourage open dialogue and self-inquiry so that we can become the best teacher-educators we can be.

We are committed to benchmarking our programs against world's best practice, while retaining the best of what is unique and special about being situated in Tasmania. We aim to instil our programs with our practical understanding of what it means to teach and learn in a rural environment and amongst close-knit communities. We also hope to offer our students the many advantages of belonging to a relatively small campus, where we are able to offer readily accessible administrative support and pastoral care, as well as a personalised learning environment that encourages peer learning and networking to flourish.