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L&T Student Resources

Professional Experience is an integral part of preparing for a profession in education. It is a core requirement of our teaching degrees, a component that helps link theoretical studies to practice. Professional Experience aims to help prepare students for the multitude of roles in Primary and Secondary schools and Early Childhood environments and provides opportunities to develop professional communication skills and exposure to a variety of educational environments and workplaces to prepare for the profession.

All students who enrol in a Bachelor of Education or a Master of Teaching must undertake Professional Experience. Students undertake professional experience in a variety of educational settings, full-time, for a number of weeks each year. The Bachelor of Education (Primary) and the Bachelor of Education (Applied Learning) require a total of 80 days while the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) requires 90 days. The Master of Teaching requires a total of 60 days.

For full details on Professional Experience please see the Professional Experience website