Faculty of Education

Reflection and action planning


Self-reflection in teaching is the process of examining the impact of personal values, beliefs, styles of communication, and experiences on student learning. This process develops a deeper understanding of one’s culture, biases, experiences, and beliefs as these may influence future teaching and learning. Activities that may aid in self-reflection are:

  • Teaching logbooks
  • Journals
  • Checklists
  • Teaching inventories

Peer Consultation

Peers can provide a unique perspective on our teaching styles and practices. Shared dialogue with peers can provide useful and constructive reflective insights.

Action Planning

Teaching evaluation and reflection lead to the creation of an action plan for teaching. The Faculty provide a variety of resources to assist you in the creation of this action plan. These resources include strategic planning, opportunities for professional development and peer mentoring. When complete, your action plan may include:

  • Short and long term teaching goals
  • Teaching strategies to achieve these goals
  • Timelines
  • Assistance and resources available
  • Criteria for these goals
  • Future directions

Strategic Planning

This is the process of formulating specific actions to address individual issues arising from the feedback and reflection phases. (For example, creating an assessment rubric for distribution to students in week one to clarify assessment expectations for a unit.)

Professional Development

Professional development refers to skills and knowledge attained for both personal development and career advancement. Professional development encompasses all types of facilitated learning opportunities, such as formal coursework, conferences and informal learning opportunities situated in practice.


Mentoring is a mutually beneficial relationship which involves a more experienced person helping a less experienced person to achieve their goals. Effective mentoring:

  • Is a relationship that focuses on the needs of the mentee
  • Fosters caring and supportive relationships
  • Encourages all mentees to develop to their fullest potential
  • Is a strategy to develop active learning partnerships