Professional Experience

Professional Experience - Early Childhood
Professional Experience - Secon
Professional Experience - Secondary

Professional Experience is an integral part of preparing for a profession in education. It is a core requirement of our teaching degrees, a component that helps link theoretical studies to practice. Professional Experience aims to help prepare students for the multitude of roles in Primary and Secondary schools and Early Childhood environments and provides opportunities to develop professional communication skills and exposure to a variety of educational environments and workplaces to prepare for the profession.

The Faculty of Education is the sole provider of tertiary teaching qualifications in Tasmania and graduates are employed in educational or education-related settings throughout Australia and overseas. The Faculty is recognised as a quality provider of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research.

Each of the degree courses incorporates regular compulsory teaching and learning opportunities for preservice and in-service teachers in school settings. Professional Experience placements are sequential learning experiences designed to complement the pedagogical units and specialist studies completed as part of each degree course completed at UTAS. Each Professional Experience is a pre-requisite for the next.

The Professional Experience program in the Faculty of Education at UTAS is founded upon collaborative partnerships with schools and other professional educational settings. Such placements play a pivotal part in teacher preparation with colleague teachers and supervisors having a significant role in sharing professional knowledge and practices with students at different stages of their professional learning journey. Professional Experience placements assist students to develop a broad understanding of teachers' work and to make sense of educational practices. It facilitates a deeper understanding of, and connection between, the theoretical concepts and practical applications in a range of educational settings.