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Professional Experience is an integral part of preparing for a profession in education. It is a core requirement of our teaching degrees, a component that helps link theoretical studies to practice. Professional Experience aims to help prepare students for the multitude of roles in Primary and Secondary schools and Early Childhood environments and provides opportunities to develop professional communication skills and exposure to a variety of educational environments and workplaces to prepare for the profession.


All students who enrol in a Bachelor of Education or a Master of Teaching must undertake Professional Experience. Students undertake professional experience in a variety of educational settings, full-time, for a number of weeks each year. The Bachelor of Education requires a minimum of 80 days for the degree while the Master of Teaching requires a minimum of 60 days.

Professional Experience Office

University of Tasmania, School of Education, Locked Bag 1307 LAUNCESTON 7250


Dean Cooley

Dr Dean Cooley

Director, Professional Experience

Email: Dean.Cooley@utas.edu.au
Tel: 03 6324 3096

Sarah Reaburn

Sarah Reaburn

Coordinator, Professional Experience

Email: Sarah.Reaburn@utas.edu.au
Tel: 03 6324 3154

Ann Brown

Ann Brown

Professional Experience Administrative Assistant

Email: Ann.Brown@utas.edu.au
Tel: 03 6324 3424

Trudy Griggs

Trudy Griggs

Professional Experience Placement Officer

Email: Trudy.Griggs@utas.edu.au
Tel: 03 6324 3280

Susan Lister

Susan Lister

Professional Experience Placement Officer

Email: Susan.Lister@utas.edu.au
Tel: 03 6324 3248

Professional Experience

Get the latest information regarding profession experience placements.


There are several opportunities in Tasmania for placements in areas which are considered isolated including the West Coast, King Island and Flinders Island. These placements are available to students, although not for the first professional experience placement. All associated costs for isolated placements must be covered by the students.

FOR FINAL PLACEMENTS ONLY there may be some financial assistance with placements in rural and isolated areas within Tasmania with the PIERS scholarship program PEIRS-Program. The PEIRS program encourages pre-service teachers to undertake school experience in participating rural and isolated schools by providing support for accommodation and travel. The intention of the program is to support students who must relocate to undertake their placement. Participating schools manage the costs associated for each eligible pre-service teacher and are reimbursed for these costs at the end of the program. If you are considering a rural or isolated school for your final placement please contact the PE Office before you submit an application.


Remote placements in WA/NT/QLD are only available to students completing their final placement with approval from the PE office, all associated costs must be met by the student. Students requesting to undertake a placement in a remote location should contact the PE office for more information. Specific requirements for undertaking such a placement are:

  • Students must have a credit average for their academic studies across their years of study
  • Preference will be given to students who have undertaken units in remote and isolated teaching and indigenous studies
  • Students must attain UP (ungraded pass) in all previous professional experience placements
  • Availability of locations is limited and not all students who apply can be guaranteed of a remote placement
  • Students must submit an application via SPMS as well as speaking with the PE office in regards to a request for a remote placement
  • Students must be prepared to meet all costs associated with undertaking their final placement in a remote location

Please contact the Professional Experience Office for more information on either of these placement opportunities

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