Faculty of Education

International Students


Qian Wu, PhD in Education

"My University of Tasmania supervisors are outstanding experts in the education area"

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Sarafino Enadio, Master of Teaching (Secondary)

"My advice to future students- you will meet a new set of challenges in a broader and more diverse community, but it is a rewarding journey!"

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Chris Vincent, Master of Education

"Learning is a life long journey, studying within the University of Tasmania Masters programme has revitalised that fire."

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Kylie Garcelon, Master of Education

"I have met (through the online medium) some fantastic people from the faculty who really helped me and wanted to maximize my learning in the M.Ed. program."

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Kevina Kezabu, PhD in Education

"My PhD project has helped to open my eyes as to what a true education should be."

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Anh Quach, Master of Teaching (Primary)

"Studying has helped me develop critical and problem solving skills, as well as the theoretical knowledge in teaching theories."

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