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What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is one of the tools used by the University of Tasmania to help staff and students manage issues related to academic integrity.

Turnitin provides a text matching system, which compares a submitted assignment with text located in its databases of internet pages, published works, and submitted papers. It produces a report, using colour to highlight matched text and giving information about matches. Turnitin does not differentiate between correctly acknowledged text and unacknowledged copying. Therefore, Turnitin cannot identify plagiarism, but only highlight where care may need to be taken to correctly acknowledge the work of others.

It is extremely unusual for Turnitin not to detect some matching text in an assignment. Usually sections of the reference list will match with other documents, as will commonly used phrases. Direct quotes will be identified as matching text by Turnitin, if they are contained within a document in Turnitin's™ databases. Turnitin's databases do not contain all written works, therefore, there is no guarantee that text is original, even if Turnitin does not detect a match with another author's work.

  1. In MyLO you submit your assignments through the Assignments menu bar item.
    Dropbox icon
  2. If your unit coordinator has activated Turnitin, you will see a binocular symbol next to the submission. Click on the submission link.
    Turnitin icon
  3. Click on add a file
    Add file button
  4. Your submission details will appear under the add a file box.
    Uploaded file link
  5. Click submit. You will receive a summary statement and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Keep this email as a receipt of your submission.
    Submission confirmation page
  6. Return to the Dropbox Folder. You will see your submission next to the assessment link. Click on it.
    Number of submissions count
  7. When your Turnitin originality report is ready, it will display next to your submission. Your report may take 10-30 minutes the first time you load it, but it can take up to 24 hours if you load it subsequent times.
    Turnitin score
  8. Your Turnitin report will compare your work against the database of stored documents and will identify any text matching sections. Remember, it is possible to have logical matches, there is only a potential problem if the match indicates copied sections without appropriate acknowledgement. Your tutor will look at the latest report when they mark your work.
    Turnitin report

For more information please see below and also review the Academic Honesty MyLO module, available in your MyLO unit list, where you can practice with Turnitin.