Faculty of Education

Kristen Bacon

Whilst studying at UTAS I was given a lot of opportunity to work in a range of schools and colleges.

Kristen Bacon, Online

Bachelor of Education (Applied Learning)

As a teacher /educator I am focused on developing myself into a teacher of excellence and believe in the delivery of excellent quality education. Prior to my studies at UTAS I worked in many different areas of education, including 6 months on an AUSAID project in a third world country, teaching and learning in a Steiner School, teaching in communities, providing support and learning to a wide variety of learners which include people with disabilities, Inmates at private and public prisons, public school K – 12, TAFE in Tasmania and Queensland and in private cooking schools. At present, I am a teacher at TasTAFE, and have recently begun my role on the Board of the Lambert School in Hobart.

I began my career as an apprentice pastry chef, and was the first female pastry apprentice to be indentured in Tasmania. I then went on to do a commercial cookery course and went to the mainland to further my career. Whilst in Queensland I began working for Hervey Bay College as a casual cooking teacher. This then led onto an opportunity to study the Diploma of Teaching Adult and Vocational Education through Griffith University in Queensland. I came back to study at the University of Tasmania as an opportunity presented myself to further study in the field of education. I chose to study education because it is where my passion lies and I was aware of the excellent programs at the university. I was also fortunate to gain a scholarship which as a single parent, single income family was incredibly important to me. It gave me an opportunity that I may not have had so I am very grateful for that.

Whilst studying at UTAS I was given a lot of opportunity to work in a range of schools and colleges. This was a great opportunity to find out more about the Tasmanian education system and establish goals for my future.  UTAS was incredibly supportive with placement assistance and the placement office worked very hard to meet the needs of me as a student. Thankfully I also had on the whole a wide range of lecturers. It was good to be exposed to a range of different teaching and learning styles from the University. I cannot commend the academic staff who worked on my program enough. I could not have done it without their unstoppable support.

I am currently teaching at TasTAFE. I am hoping to use my degree as a way to further myself in my current job. I would also like to expand out into colleges and work to build the relationships between colleges and TASTAFE to begin to work together more in the future. I am fortunate that my studies at UTAS have given me many more opportunities and I look forward to exploring those opportunities

At the beginning of my course I had a few challenges, personally and academically. I could not have achieved without the support from the university. Whilst at first I was relatively apprehensive to seek support I also recognised the need. People that helped in the PASS program and other learning support areas were amazing. I learnt so much about technique and study at UTAS through these people. I can't thank them enough. I would encourage any student to access student services as often as they need and make the most of it. It is invaluable.

My advice to new students is to talk to people when you're struggling, be brave, don't give up, enjoy studying, and know that you have a lot of people around you who are there to help you succeed! Also, work with your peers and develop a relationship with your teachers.