About MyHR

MyHR delivers online services and information to University employees and managers. MyHR is continually being developed to provide a wider range of functions to employees, including information for the individual as well as for managers of staff.

Current Functionality

Pay Information
  • View and print current and past payslips (at least 12 months)
  • View and print current (ATO approved) and past payment summary information
  • Submit online UTAS parking deductions
Personal Information
  • View and change address and telephone details
  • View and change emergency contact details
  • View and change EEO details
Leave Information
  • Submit leave requests for annual, long service and personal carer's leave
  • Sumbit requests to reverse prior leave bookings
  • View current and projected leave balances
  • View leave bookings
  • Submit casual timesheet claims
Occupancy Information
  • View current occupancy information including substantive, concurrent & HDA appointments
  • View current roster information