Electronic Approvals Structure

Electronic transactions processed via the Kiosk may be processed under different approval methods. The dominant approval method within the Kiosk is using a single Approval Structure. Some special transactions may be able to processed under an alternative approval method using a ‘pick-list’ approach where the Approver is selected from a list of approvers. The approval method is defined by the type of transaction that is being processed and cannot be changed.

Minimum Level for Designated Approver

To be a Designated Approver for Kiosk Electronic Approvals an employee must be a paid University of Tasmania employee (not casual) so delegated by the Head of Budget Centre. The Designated Approver will be able to authorise any leave and financial transactions which use the Approval Structure so the employee must also have the required level of financial delegation, which at a minimum should be the ability to approve expenditure up to $5,000.

Approval Structure

A hierarchical Approval Structure outlining the Designated Approvers within each Budget Centre will be approved by each Head of Budget Centre throughout the University. Changes to the Approval Structure will require the written approval of the Head of Budget Centre or nominated delegate.

Example of Approval Structure:

Is the Approval Structure the same as our Organisational Structure?

The Approval Structure is not necessarily the same as your organisational structure. The organisational structure may in fact be far more complex and have many more reporting levels. The Approval Structure is merely a representation of how non-financial and financial transactions (excluding Casual Timesheets) will be approved via the Kiosk.

What types of transactions will be covered by the Approvals Structure?

The Approval Structure will be used to approve:

  • Non-financial transactions - Approval of leave bookings in the Web Kiosk
  • Financial transactions – May be used in future developments such as the ability to process reimbursements or other payments.

How is the Approval Structure maintained?

To facilitate maintenance of the Approval Structure all relevant Human Resource forms include provision of this information for new positions and changes to existing positions. To ensure that your Approval Structure is correct this information should be provided in relation to all appointment documentation.

Changes to your Approval Structure

If changes to your Approval Structure are required due to operational changes within the Budget Centre these can be advised

This form can be faxed to +61 3 6324 3055 or scanned and sent to

All changes to the Approval Structure should be advised prior to the structure being required. As a guide advice should be received at least one week prior so that changes to the reporting can be processed.

Approver Pick-list

Transactions such as Casual Timesheets will be enabled through the Employee Web Kiosk using a ‘pick-list’ approach where the employee submitting the transactions will choose from a defined list of Approvers from within the Budget Centre.

How are Approvers nominated?

The Budget Centre will advise the employees that need to be set up as Approvers for casual timesheet purposes. An Approval Advice form will be sent to each Budget Centre prior to this functionality being released.

Changes to your Approvers

If changes to the list of Approvers are required they can be advised on the Approval Structure Form (PDF 85.7KB).

This form can be faxed to +61 3 6324 3055 or scanned and sent to