Timesheet Approvals

Web Kiosk Timesheet Approvals is a process whereby Casual Timesheets can be submitted and approved using the Employee Web Kiosk. Using this functionality, casual employees will be able to submit an electronic version of their timesheet directly to a nominated approver. The Approver can approve this timesheet within the Web Kiosk and the transaction is automatically ready to be paid in the next pay by Payroll Services.

What types of pay rates will be able to be claimed using the Web Kiosk?

The Casual Pay Rates document (PDF 4.8KB) has been updated to show what common pay rates have been enabled for processing within the Web Kiosk. Professional staff who work on weekends and public holidays will also be able to claim for those higher rates of pay from within the timesheet by selecting the appropriate Paycode/rate.

When will this functionality be released?

The timesheet rollout commenced in the second half of 2012 and was completed in 2013.

What training will be provided?

Along with online guides and handouts that will be made available from this website, all designated approvers will be offered training. This training will go through the practical processes from timesheet entry/submission through to approval/rejection of timesheet. This training will be co-ordinated with Budget Centres prior to roll out of any functionality to employees within their Budget Centre.

How do Budget Centres advise our Approvers?

Prior to the release of the functionality advice will be sought from Budget Centres as to what employees will be nominated as Approvers. This Excel based form (MS Excel 56.5KB) is the document that will be used to nominate approvers within each Budget Centre. After entering their casual claim form, the casual employee will select to which of the currently active nominated approvers that they will submit their timesheet to.

When will Web Kiosk Timesheets need to be approved by?

All Web Kiosk timesheets should be approved within the Web Kiosk by 10:00am on the Monday of off pay week. This will enable Payroll Services to report on all timesheets that have been submitted to an approver but not approved during Tuesday and Wednesday so that follow-up can be undertaken with the approver so they can be included in the pay.

What advice will the casual employee and approver see that I have a transaction to process?

The Approver will receive email notification that they have a transaction to approve in the Web Kiosk. The status of their timesheet request can be monitored by the casual employee from within the Web Kiosk. Once the Approver has actioned the request the casual employee will receive an email, advising them of the outcome of the approval (e.g. Approved or Rejected).

Further information and advice will be provided on this page once the pilot stage has been completed.