Team Leader

The initial stage of the Employee Web Kiosk Approvals Project enabled staff in approval positions (managers) under the Electronic Approval Structure to view information in relation to staff that directly or indirectly report to them. The release of this functionality occurred 2006.

Team Leader Access provides managers with the following information:

  • Team list (under My View menu) showing all staffing positions reporting to the manager's position.
  • Team Calendar providing a configurable view of staff leave that has been processed.
  • Team Appointment Summary including classification level and basic position details.
  • Staff Leave Bookings that have been approved for employees.
Team Leader access via C-Level

An alternative Team Leader view is available for Schools and Sections wishing to provide employees (usually at the executive level) with Kiosk access to “whole of school” reporting information.

Employees with this company (C-Level) view are able to access details for an entire school or section, for example: leave bookings for all employees. The C-Level view is restricted to remove access to any personal or payroll information.

It is important to note that C-Level access overrides the approval structure, therefore any employees who have staff reporting to them will lose their reporting structure view if they request C-Level Team Leader access. Team Leader view via C-Level is only available upon approval from Human Resources.