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Prepare for your exam

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Make sure you prepare for your IELTS test.  

Preparation is the key to success in your IELTS test and there are a range of options to help you. 


  1. Make sure you know what to expect
    1. Take a look at some online sample tests
  2. Access the NEW Writing Assist service   Writing Assist
    1. IELTS Test Partner, IDP Education, is offering a support service for IELTS test takers.
    2. Writing Assist offers you the chance to have an IELTS coach provide you with a personalised review of sample writing tasks.
    3. This is a service provided by IDP, not IELTS Tasmania.
    4. Click for details
  3. Take an online practice test
    1. Take a test here 
  4. Purchase the Official IELTS Practice Materials
    1. This book and DVD package Vol 2 are very popular and contain samples of questions you might expect in the test.  
    2. The book covers all four tests : Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking in both the Academic and General Training modules of the test.
    3. The DVD shows candidates taking the Speaking test.
    4. The book and DVD can be purchased from the Launceston test centre for $40.
    5. Contact the IELTS Administrator to purchase a copy.
  5. Purchase or Borrow other test materials  
    1. Top Tips for IELTS
    2. University of Tasmania library
  6. Have a one-on-one session with an IELTS tutor 
    1. This is a very effective way to to prepare for your test
    2. An IELTS tutor can sit down with you and help you with your Writing and/or Speaking.
    3. Contact the IELTS Administrator for details. 
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