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Cultural Activities Committee

The Cultural Activities Committee is a University Committee, advising and reporting to the Vice-Chancellor.


University cultural activities contribute toward the enrichment of university life and that of the wider community by encouraging and stimulating the innovative development, practice and presentation of quality and valued cultural activities.

The Cultural Activities Committee, through management of the Cultural Activities program, supports the University in its strategic commitment to contribute to the social, cultural and economic capital of Tasmania.

The following documents define the parameters within which the Committee works and the Cultural Activities program operates:


Professor David Rich, Provost


Music, Hobart
Dr Andrew Legg
Performing Arts Launceston
Mr Peter Hammond
Community Music Launceston
Mr Stephen King
Visual Arts Hobart
Professor Noel Frankham
Visual Arts Launceston
Professor Marie Sierra
Literature and Writing
Professor Ralph Crane
Cradle Coast Cultural Activities
Professor Janelle Allison
John Elliot Classics Museum
Fine Arts Collection
Public Lecture Program
Represented by the Chair