Exercise Physiology Clinic

Therapeutic Pilates

PilatesThe UTAS Exercise Physiology Clinic runs group therapeutic Pilates sessions for UTAS staff and the general public. Pilates is a series of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, which are based on efficient control of movement.  Some exercises will be done in standing, lying on mats or using equipment.  These exercises are done slowly and precisely to improve body awareness of movement, and they will result in improvements in strength, flexibility, muscle co-ordination and balance.  Nearly everyone can use Pilates exercise to improve their function – the exercises can be modified to suit different people’s needs.    Our classes will have a set series of exercises that will be adjusted to people’s capability, and will be run by qualified Pilates instructors, under the direction of a Physiotherapist.  You should not get out of breath, and please wear comfortable clothing that is not tight, and clean socks.

Classes run Tuesday and Friday mornings beginning at 8am in Exercise Clinic E013.  For more information or to book into a class, contact the School of Human Life Sciences on 03 6324 5400.

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