Financial Services


Credit Card Management System (ProMaster)

The Credit Card team is based in Launceston and is responsible for issuing and maintaining all University credit cards and providing access to ProMaster. Support and training is provided to all UTAS card holders for matter's relating to applications, system access, fraud, limit increases, card clearances and delegate or approver access.

We aim to process and review all UTAS credit card applications, provide support for all existing cardholder's and ProMaster users and liaise with the bank in order to provide employees with a reliable method for purchasing goods and services for the University.

Contact our team for all new card applications, limit increases, card clearances, lost or damaged cards, fraudulent activity, delegate/approver access, system support and account variations.

Position Name Phone Email Campus
Acting Manager Financial Shared Services Jodi Rusden +61 3 6324 3220 Launceston
Team Leader Stephen Mace +61 3 6324 3642 Launceston
Finance Officer Kasondi Roles +61 3 6324 3282 Launceston
Finance Officer Jane France (Maternity Leave) +61 3 6324 3518 Launceston
Finance Officer Amy Smith +61 3 6324 3647 Launceston
BCMS Helpdesk

+61 3 6324 3780 Launceston
+61 3 6324 3736 Launceston