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At certain times of semester there are administrative tasks that you are expected to do, for example arranging your Student ID card, and activities that would be beneficial for you to take part in, such as exam preparation workshops.

To ensure this information is available and clear, below are five key PDFs that list these tasks depending on the time of semester.

If you want to use interactive online tools that go through similar material to these Checklists and that include referral to a staff member if required, have a look at CheckPoints.

Pre-Semester Checklist (PDF File 205.5 KB)

Start of Semester Checklist (PDF File 124.5 KB)

Pre-Census Date Checklist (PDF File 101.3 KB)

Mid Semester Checklist (PDF File 112.0 KB)

End of Semester Checklist (PDF File 104.8 KB)