Foundation Studies Program

About Foundation

What is Foundation Studies?

The University of Tasmania Foundation Program focuses on skills students need to succeed in degree courses.

  • Academic English to help you communicate your ideas logically, clearly and using correct referencing 
  • Critical Thinking skills so you can follow arguments and produce rational, well-formed responses 
  • Creative opportunities to help you uncover your talents and present your ideas with impact 
  • A range of electives to hone the knowledge you need

This nationally-recognised program is approved by Australian government legislation and compliant with the National Standard for Foundation Programs, a legislative instrument under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act (ESOS Act). It is delivered across two semesters of study which align with our mainstream university dates. The Program equips students with the skills and capabilities to seek entry into degree programs at the University of Tasmania. Successful completion of the Program with the required results for the undergraduate course chosen, represents a secure pathway to your University of Tasmania degree.

Once enrolled in Foundation, you will be placed in a Science, Health & Engineering or Business & Arts study stream, based on the undergraduate degree you have chosen.

Strongly supported and studying among students with the same interests and career goals also provides a unique opportunity to establish strong academic and social networks prior to entering your degree.

When is it?

There is one entry point into UTAS Foundation Studies

  • February (for degree commencement Semester 1 the following year)

Refer to course dates for details. 

Who is it for?

UTAS Foundation Studies has been specially designed for International students who need to upgrade their academic skills to meet requirements for entry into UTAS undergraduate degrees.

Click here for Six great reasons for choosing the Foundation Studies Program at the University of Tasmania(PDF 183kb)