Foundation Studies Program

Fees and Conditions


  • $19,000 for 2017 Tuition fee
  • Administration Fee of $230 (non-refundable)
  • Approximately $500 for text books
  • Lab Fees - $100 per science subject (Chemistry, Physics, Biology)

Conditions of Enrolment


Applications must be received no later than 2 weeks before the commencement of the Program.

Policy on Refunds of Fees
Student default

If you have paid your tuition fees and are unable to commence study, you should request a refund of your program fees.

The University will refund all or part of your fee on the following basis:-

  1. If you do not meet the conditions of your Offer of Enrolment or are unsuccessful in obtaining a visa a full refund will be made.
  2. If you cancel your place at least 28 days before your course starts, all tuition fees paid are refundable less an administrative fee:
    • of 20% for ELICOS Courses.
    • of 15% for Foundation Studies.
  3. If you cancel your place less than 28 days before your course starts or withdraw before census date, 50% of tuition fees paid are refundable.

Any such refund will be paid within 4 weeks after receipt of your completed Request for Fees Refund Form (PDF 51.8KB).

If you withdraw after census date no refund is payable.

Fee Remissions

The University can, in special circumstances, remit an international student fee.

If you withdraw from a unit and/or course after the unit census date you remain liable for tuition and/or student contribution amounts. You will also record a fail grade against the unit or units concerned. Under normal circumstances you will not be entitled to a remission.

Applications for remission are assessed on a monthly basis by the Fees Remission Committee. The Fees Remission Committee undertakes the assessment, approval and advice to students on applications for remission.

More information on remissions.

Continuing Students

If you have attended for one or more semesters of study you are considered to be a continuing student.

If you make payments in excess of the cost of your tuition fees or have varied your enrolment before the applicable census date you may be entitled to have any additional money refunded. If you are eligible you will receive a credit notice after census date.

You will have 2 options -

  • Apply for a refund, or
  • Elect to have the credit amount transferred to the next semesters fees.

Transfers within University of Tasmania

Students may request for course money to be transferred if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Student has met entry conditions to commence another course early.
  2. And the next intake/ start date of the second course has resulted in the student having to cut short his/her current course in order to commence the second course on time.
  3. Student has been granted approval by the English Language Centre to transfer course.

Please note that this refund agreement does not remove the right for the student to take further action under Australia's consumer protection law. In the event a student wishes to dispute the decision on a refund of tuition fee, the student has the right to the University's dispute resolution processes, which do not circumscribe the student's right to pursue other legal remedies.

Please note:

Refunds in the event of the University's default are not covered by the University of Tasmania's refund policies. Such situations are covered by the provisions of the ESOS Act 2000 and the ESOS Regulations 2001.