Foundation Studies Program

Program Structure

Do I select my Stream of Study?

You will be placed in a Stream of Study based on the undergraduate degree you have chosen.

Currently, there are three streams: Science & Engineering, Business & Finance or Arts & Communication.

What subjects can I study?


You will study two main themes in Biology. Evolution of Life prepares you for a wide range of courses including zoology, marine studies, plant science, geography, environmental studies, agricultural studies, nursing and pharmacy. Environmental Studies gives you the opportunity to focus on ecosystem ecology, biodiversity and conservation in a uniquely Tasmanian environment.


Business Management investigates the nature of management, including the roles and skills of managers, the responsibility of stakeholders, and the importance of effective management to an organisation. In the International Marketing unit, you will explore the roles of markets and marketing in a globalised environment.


Chemistry provides you with a thorough understanding of the subject matter covered in Year 12. The course consists of two components: lecture/tutorial style classes, in which theoretical foundations will be established, and laboratory classes, in which practical skills will be developed.

Communication and Design

The Communication and Design course encourages you to develop critical thinking skills through study and analysis of culture and communication, with a focus on intercultural communication in a globalised world. The second semester is focused on developing creative thinking skills through the design of a creative portfolio. You are required to establish a position on a contemporary issue and to defend it using visual evidence.

English for Tertiary Studies

English for Tertiary Studies (ETS) has been designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve your academic performance at university. These include skills in reading academic texts; researching and referencing; note taking, summarising and paraphrasing; academic writing and participation in presentations and formal discussions. You will also be taught useful study techniques and time management methods to help maximise your academic success.

Information Management

Information Management (IM) introduces you to the essential use of computers and applications as tools for undertaking study at University and remaining connected in a globalised technological environment.


You are able to choose Science Maths or Business Maths, depending on your course of study. Maths for Business is a prerequisite for most degrees within the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics while Maths for Science is required for entry into all science and engineering degrees.


This course will be particularly useful if you are contemplating taking a degree in Medical Research, Pharmacy, Engineering or Science at UTAS. It will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to proceed with confidence to undergraduate degrees requiring physics as a prerequisite.


This course introduces you to key theories and concepts in psychology, develops skills in writing in a scientific discipline, and raises awareness of the role of scientific method of enquiry. Lectures will cover topics such as research methods, the brain, memory, intelligence, stress and coping, and social psychology.

Please note that you will need to purchase textbooks and workbooks for use during the course. A booklist will be made available at the beginning of the program.

Also note that a subject may not be run if there are insufficient numbers to form a class.

Your work will be continually assessed through assignments, group activities, presentations and tests. Your marks are converted to a Grade Point Average (GPA), which is a score out of 7.

Mark Grade Code
80% > High Distinction HD
70% > Distinction DN
60% > Credit CR
50% > Pass PP
< 50% Fail NN

To enter your degree you need the GPA required by your faculty and GPA 4.2 or above in English for Tertiary Studies.