Foundation Studies Program

What if I am Under 18?

Students who will turn 18 during the year of their Foundation Studies and who have completed the equivalent of Year 11 are eligible to apply for the program.  Appropriate ongoing support is arranged for students who are under 18. This includes daily monitoring of attendance and regular meetings with Student Support personnel and the Foundation Studies Manager to discuss both personal issues and academic progress.

For students who are not living with a parent or guardian in Tasmania, their parent(s) will need to authorise UTAS to make the accommodation and welfare arrangements required for a Student Visa and will not be able to enter Australia until the beginning of the welfare period specified on their FSP Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

Students who are under 18 (except those who are living with a parent or guardian in Tasmania) when they begin FSP are required to apply through UTAS Accommodation Services for accommodation at Springvale Hostel. The students will be resident at Springvale Hostel for the duration of their Foundation course and will need to pay for the whole period of residency in advance.

Under 17's are now eligible to apply!