Foundation Studies Program


Hickson Siba

Studying at AMC has been a very good opportunity for me. The combination of both theoretical and hands-on learning suits me. I have thoroughly enjoyed making use of AMC’s world-class suite of facilities.

Maki Maeda

In the Foundation Studies Program we have very small classes and the teacher can pay attention to the needs of each student. I have also made many new friends from all around the world.

Masayuki Tatsumi

I can focus on my study, but at the same time I still have access to everything I need. UTAS has got all the right facilities and staff on campus, and the Tasmanian environment is great.

Richard Apelis

Foundation is really good for international students who want to study in Australia, and gives them vital tools for how to study at an English-speaking university. It doesn’t matter if you are doing an undergraduate degree or a PhD candidacy; you still need to understand English.

Student Feedback

"The course is good and the lecturers are just awesome. They are helpful and very friendly. I enjoy studying here and I certainly did not make a wrong choice studying in UTAS".

"I have so many things to talk about at UTAS, but I have no words to define it - in short, I love this university".

"Mmm, I hv a lot of fun during my foundation year, all teachers are nice and helpful. Keep it up^^ all the best".

"Foundation is really interesting and useful. I have experienced a lot of nice technology and ideas in academic study. I enjoyed the course so much".

"Every lecture was very helpful and interesting...It was really good for me to take this course before the undergraduate course as I could learn how to do assignments (especially referencing), presentations, scientific posters, basic lab classes etc. It was also good that I could learn some basic technical terms of each subject through lectures. Thank you so much again for this whole course".