University of Tasmania Foundation


The following list presents a permanent record of individuals who are Patrons of the University of Tasmania Foundation.

Estate of the late Dr Vivian Barlow
Estate of the late Virginia Ellen Betts
Mr Eoin Breen
Estate of the late John Francis Arthur Burke
Mr Jonathan Cahill
Estate of the late Harold Carroll
Distinguished Professor Don Chalmers
Anonymous (2009)
Mr Thomas Crawford (deceased)
Mr Robert Henry Cuthbert (deceased)
Mr John Edwards
Mrs Marie Edwards (deceased)
Family of Sir Victor Burley
The Hon Charles Fenton AO (deceased)
Gilbertson Family
Anonymous (2005)
Mr Keith Hansen
Mr Gerald Harvey (deceased)
Mr Timothy Hawkins (deceased)
Mrs Mieneke Haynes
Mrs Ivy Holmes
Estate of the late Miss Muriel Horsfall
Emeritus Prof Bill Jackson (deceased)
The Joske Family
Dr Douglas Kagi
Mrs Sieglinde Karl-Spence
Estate of the late Lech Kula
Mr Richard and Mrs Peggie Lewis 
Family of the Late Dr Kenneth Douglas McConnell
Estate of the late Dawson & Margaret McDonald
Estate of the late Brian Marks
Mr Nick and Mrs Manizheh Martin
Mrs Thora Medhurst (deceased)
Professor Robert Menary OAM
Mrs Suzanne Napier (deceased)
Estate of the late Soren Nielsen
Mr Colin Norton (deceased)
Mrs Rosalind O'Connor
Mr Roderic O'Connor
Estate of the late Arthur Paton
Dr Grote Reber (deceased)
Ms Beverley Richardson 
Anonymous (2012)
Mr Peter Rowsthorn
Estate of the late Winifred Violet Scott
Mrs Beryl Sedivka
Dr Santokh Sindhu (deceased)
Mrs Gurdip Sindhu
Dr Anthony Sprent AM
Mr Roger Tall
Mrs Cynthia Thun (deceased)
Mrs Bonnie Tilley
Estate the late Alice Tucker
Estate of the late Dora Wade
Emeritus Professor George Wade (deceased)
Estate of the late Bruce Wall
Dr Alan and Dr Hilary Wallace
Estate of the late Dorothy E Waters
Mrs Brenda White
Dr Noel White
Dr Joan Woodberry AM (deceased)
Dr Takashi Yokoyama