Future Students

TAFE or VET student


Can I get recognition for my Polytechnic (TAFE) and Skills Institute study?

There are articulation pathways and credit arrangements between the Polytechnic (TAFE) and the University of Tasmania. You can find detailed information, including how much credit you could expect to receive towards a UTAS degree, about TAFE/VET pathways on the Articulation/Credit (double advantage)  website.

How do I qualify for study at UTAS?

Current and past Polytechnic, Skills Institute and TAFE students are normally assessed on the basis of their successful completion or partial completion of a Polytechnic, Skills Institute or TAFE award course (Cert III or higher.) Applicants will need to provide UTAS with a certified copy of their Polytechnic, Skills Institute or TAFE transcript of results with their Application for Admission form.

How much work is involved?

Required attendance at UTAS lectures and tutorials (called “contact hours”) can be as little as 12 hours a week for a full-time enrolment, but the timetabling may be scattered throughout the week. You should think of full-time study as equivalent to a full-time job – that is, about 36 hours a week, or 8-9 hours per subject. Included in this study time is reading for tutorials, assignment preparation, and study for any end-of-semester exams.

What support is available?

We understand that starting at UTAS can be quite daunting, especially if you haven’t previously undertaken university study. UTAS has a number of support programs to assist you in the transition to university, For detailed information, including how to apply, a list of transition and enabling programs are available from the home page of the Future Students website. To find out what programs are available, please follow this link to the Preparation programs.

What are the costs?

For detailed information of all costs relating to studying at UTAS go to Course Costs.

Who can I contact for further information?

For information about courses at UTAS and the application process, contact the Uni Info Centre:

For information about the range of services provided to UTAS students go to the First Year website.