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  Give now We are committed to improving access to higher education and rewarding excellence.

Each year we provide close to 500 privately funded scholarships

Our scholarships encourage access to higher education based on financial need and reward excellence based on academic merit.

Access to higher education

Every Tasmanian should have the opportunity to attend the University of Tasmania regardless of their financial circumstances.  We welcome gifts of all amounts to support two vital scholarship programs that ensure access to a University of Tasmania education:

Rewarding excellence

Hundreds of individuals, families, community groups and businesses have established scholarships that encourage and reward excellence, typically for honours and post graduate study in special interest areas. 

These scholarships are customised to align with each donor's interests and priorities, and are designed through collaboration with the University.  As each scholarship is unique, we welcome conversations and enquiries. Please Contact Us.

When designing your scholarship, you may wish to consider:

  • The name of the scholarship
  • Selection criteria and the selection process
  • Whether it might be for undergraduate, honours or PhD study
  • If it will support a new student each year and build a network of recipients
  • Whether it will be funded by an endowment (where the annual income provides ongoing monies to support the scholarship) or by pledging an amount that is provided on an annual basis

We invite you to enjoy a parade of some of our UTAS scholars

Jade Fountain
Scholarship Recipient

Jade Fountain

"I feel like UTAS allowed me to soar. UTAS opened doors to my career and made opportunities possible. I thank the University of Tasmania, Konica Minolta and Lois and Alan Dann for helping me get to where I am. I can honestly say my UTAS years have been the best of my life – let's forget the studying and exams, but the doors that open, the people you meet and the experiences you have are the important things."

Lois and Alan Dann Scholarship; UTAS Exchange Program funded by Konica Minolta

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