The generosity of our community underpins excellence at the University of Tasmania. Every year, close to 500 students are supported by scholarships, and excellence in research and teaching is strengthened by the gifts of alumni and friends to the University of Tasmania Foundation.

Our Stories

Riak Ngor-Apuol, Scholarship Recipient

Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science (Applied Maths) and Recipient of the Soren Nielsen Travelling Scholarship in Engineering

“It was a massive opportunity and help for me financially and in many other ways. Apart from the study, the exchange gave me the chance to gain a further understanding of the person I am. I managed to mature in a way I probably would not have if I stayed here, meet amazing people from everywhere and seeing a lot of places that I would not have if I hadn’t received the scholarship. The exchange has given me more courage to try something different.”

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University of Tasmania Scholarship Fund - 2017 Appeal

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Scholarships give students who otherwise would not have the means to attend university a life changing opportunity.

The University of Tasmania Scholarship Fund is designed to pool together donations in order to achieve the greatest Scholarship impact each year.

Please consider supporting the University of Tasmania Scholarship Fund - 2017 Appeal.

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We value and appreciate the contributions of both our donors to the University and our graduates to the community.