University Governance

The University of Tasmania is a statutory corporation, continued under the University of Tasmania Act 1992 and is governed by the University Council.

The University Governance office enables the effective governance of the University through the following key functions:

  • Facilitates major decision-making processes of the University through effective information flows including between University Council and its committees, Academic Senate and its committees, the Vice-Chancellor and Senior Executive
  • Provides an advisory, consultative, secretarial and executive service to: the Chancellor; the University Council and its Committees; Academic Senate and its committees; the Vice-Chancellor and other major decision-making bodies within the University
  • Monitors governance structures and processes and recommends and implements improvements, including oversight of the University's internal policies and delegations
  • Supports the University’s management of legal issues and risks by providing legal advice to all University administrative and academic areas
  • Provides a contemporary and robust internal audit program and corporate risk management processes, including business continuity
  • Ensures the maintenance of a robust compliance framework (including regulatory and legislative compliance).