Graduands and Guests with Special Needs

  • If you have special needs because you use, say, a wheelchair, crutches or have a guide dog, please let us know what your requirements are. Please advise by email to
  • At some venues (e.g. stage access at the Albert Hall) is it essential that we know your requirements well in advance of the ceremony so preparations can be made to meet your needs.
  • If a guest needs special seating (e.g. in a particular area because of an inability to climb stairs, or there is a wheelchair) please let us know so we can reserve seating.
  • Wheelchair access is available at all venues.
  • Please ask guests with special needs to arrive early so ushers can make your guests comfortable before the venue becomes too crowded.
  • It may not be possible to seat your guests together due to restrictions on access seating at most venues. Please advise us if a 'carer seat' is required for your guest with special needs.