Your Part in the Ceremony

Arrival at the ceremony

  • Please be present at the graduation venue at least one hour before the commencement of the graduation ceremony.
  • Please ensure you have collected your academic dress prior to arriving at the graduation ceremony venue and that you are dressed before taking your seat. See details on academic dress.
  • Your name will be on one of the seats. An usher will help you find your seat.

Your part in the ceremony

  • A short rehearsal takes place approximately 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony and it is vital you are seated at this time to understand your role in the ceremony.
  • Do not swap seats with anyone else. Your presentation to the Chancellor and the issue of your certificate is dependent on you sitting in the correct seat.
  • It is vitally important that you take your name card, and any other cards on your seat, when you are called to the stage to meet the Chancellor. These cards form part of the script for the ceremony. You will be reminded of all this information during the rehearsal.
  • The order of the proceedings at the ceremony will be on the back of your name card, and in the Graduation Program, both of which will be on your seat.
  • All graduates should acknowledge the Chancellor by doffing their hats to him before being congratulated. You will be shown how to do this during the ceremony rehearsal.
  • The ceremony will be about an hour in length.