Personal Details

  • Check your personal details on your Checklist Letter for Graduation Eligibility and your eStudent web page.
  • If you wish to make changes to your name details, visit the changing your name details page for further instructions.
  • Remember to carefully check your name. It must be your legal name because your certificate is a legal document. See Name Changes & Protocol.
  • The main means of communicating with you about graduation will be via this website. It is therefore essential that you check regularly for updates. DON'T FORGET TO REFRESH YOUR SCREEN EACH TIME YOU VISIT OR YOU MAY BE LOOKING AT OLDER FILES.
  • Continue to check your eStudent web page regularly for changes, for example: If you have paid your outstanding debts, check that your debar notice has been removed; if you have said you will be attending, check your attendance status to confirm this; if you have changed your name check the change has been made.
  • Changes generally appear 24 hours after being made, except for fee paying which can take up to five days.
  • It is preferred that changes are made at least six weeks prior to your ceremony.
  • Errors cannot be corrected after you graduate.