Graduation Checklist

  1. Carefully read your Checklist Letter for Graduation Eligibility, especially how your name is written.
  2. Check your personal details on your eStudent web page.
  3. Advise the Student Centre immediately if you need to change your name or any other details.
  4. Change your attendance status on your eStudent web page or advise the Student Centre if you do not wish to attend your ceremony.
  5. Carefully read through all of the information on the Graduation website particularly information About the Ceremony.
  6. Ensure you know all about your ceremony, i.e. date, time, location, ceremony proceedings, guest tickets etc.
  7. Check academic dress hire arrangements on the UTAS website or AMC website.
  8. Collect your academic dress at the times and locations specified on the UTAS website or AMC website.
  9. Collect your allocated guest tickets when you collect your academic dress. 
  10. Purchase extra guest tickets if necessary and if they are available. If you have purchased extra tickets these will need to be collected from the ticketing agency.
  11. Ensure your guests know all they need to know, i.e. time, date, location, parking etc.
  12. If you have any further questions please visit the Ask Student Centre site and go to the graduation link.