Higher Degree by Research Graduands

The Graduation Office will send a Checklist Letter for Graduation Eligibility to all higher degree by research candidates who have been identified as a potential graduate.

Generally, candidates who have been advised of the outcome of their examination and are undertaking corrections to their thesis, are considered potential graduates.

In order to be eligible to graduate, you must have done all of the following:

  • Made any required revisions to your thesis;
  • Received approval from your School then the Dean of Graduate;
  • Research that your corrections have been accepted;
  • Submit hard-bound and electronic copies of the final version of your thesis as required by the Graduate Research Office by the graduation ceremony cut-off date;
  • Paid any outstanding fees;
  • Obtained Senate approval – this step is organised by the Graduate Research Office.

If you are a PhD candidate attending the ceremony you will need to provide a plain English 40-word summary of your thesis which will be read out to a general audience at your ceremony. This must be received three weeks prior to your ceremony date. Please email the summary to after reading the Guidelines for 40 Word Summaries (PDF 157.4KB). These guidelines include examples of graduation summaries. You can contact the Graduate Research Office if you need further advice.