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Certificates & Transcripts

  • Once you have completed your studies and your status has been formally recognised, you are eligible to receive a certificate (testamur) from the University.
  • Your testamur is presented to you at your graduation ceremony if you attend. You cannot receive your testamur before your graduation ceremony.
  • If you do not attend (i.e. you graduate in absentia), your testamur will be sent by Registered Post . Testamurs are usually posted 4-5 weeks after your graduation ceremony date.
  • The testamur is a legal document, issued under the direction of the Executive Director of Student Experience and the Vice-Chancellor, and imprinted with the University Seal.
  • If you lose your certificate, or it is damaged significantly, a replacement can only be made after you have made a statutory declaration outlining the circumstances of the loss or damage, and, if accepted, pay a fee of $80.
  • Apply for a replacement certificate.
  • If you are having your testamur framed, please make sure that the document is not subjected to heat, glue or pressure during the framing process, or the special paper of the testamur will be damaged beyond repair.
  • The name on your testamur is your Formal Name (your First Name, Other Given Name/s and Family Name). If you require changes (e.g. spelling mistakes, or a change to the order in which we have shown your names), please advise Student Services immediately. See Name Changes & Protocol.
  • You can make changes to your name details up to 21 days before your graduation ceremony.
  • A transcript of your academic record, giving complete details of your studies at the University, including the courses completed and the awards conferred, will be posted to you in September (for August ceremonies) and February (for December ceremonies).
  • You will also receive your AHEGS (Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement) with your academic transcript.
  • If you are graduating in absentia your academic transcript and AHEGS will be mailed with the package containing your testamur and Graduation Program.
  • The transcript is the document you should use for supporting job applications and applying for positions in other study programs.
  • You may obtain additional academic transcripts by submitting an order through eStudent or by completing a Request for Academic Transcript form