Town & Gown Launceston

  • The Town & Gown procession of graduands and staff through city streets is a special feature of the December graduations in Launceston.
  • The procession is held before the 11.00 am ceremony only, but all candidates graduating on the day are invited to participate.
  • If your ceremony is at 11.00 am please assemble in Civic Square, outside Henty House, before 10.00 am. Arrival by 9.30 am is strongly recommended.
  • If your ceremony is later in the day but you wish to take part in the procession, assemble in Civic Square, outside Henty House, before 10.00 am. You will process behind the 11.00 am graduands and will be dismissed at the Albert Hall, to return later at the appointed time for your ceremony.
  • If you are an academic participating in the Town & Gown procession, please assemble at Civic Square.
  • From 10.00 am to 10.25 am graduands and staff will be briefed and rehearsed by the University staff.
  • At 10:30 am the procession, with police escort and band, will move from Civic Square south along St John Street, east along Brisbane Street, and then through City Park, arriving at the Albert Hall at 10.45 am.
  • If you choose not to take part in the procession you must be seated in the Albert Hall by 10:30 am.
  • If the weather is inclement, check with City Park Radio (103.7FM) and 7LA News to hear if the event has been cancelled. You can also check the Graduation website home page to find out if the event has been cancelled. If it has been cancelled proceed directly to the Albert Hall and be seated before 10.30 am.
  • Parking is unlikely to be available near Civic Square so it is suggested that you be 'dropped off' in Civic Square, or find a parking space near the Albert Hall and walk back to Civic Square.
  • The rehearsal in Civic Square at 10.00 am is an essential part of the ceremony. Arrive by 9.30 am so you have plenty of time to find your position. Remember, there will be about 300 other people to attend to as well.