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2006 Graduate Diploma of Music Studies(F6K)

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Arts (principal)
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Course Duration: Minimum 1 yrs, Maximum 2 yrs.
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The Graduate Diploma in Music Studies is offered by the Conservatorium of Music at Hobart. It can be completed in a minimum of two semesters full-time or a maximum of two years part-time.

These course rules and specifications apply to students commencing the GradDipMusSt in 2006. For students who commenced prior to 2006, the applicable course rules are those from the year of commencement. i.e. students who commenced in 2004 should refer to the 2004 Handbook.

Admission & Prerequisites

Students with an undergraduate music degree or equivalent accepted by the university will be accepted for university entrance into the program. Candidates who have been admitted to the university must also pass appropriate entrance examinations, auditions and interviews as deemed necessary by the Conservatorium.

Course Objectives

The GradDipMusSt aims to provide a quality tertiary qualification at the postgraduate level in a professional coursework program. The program aims to provide students with professional skills as performers, composers or instrumental/vocal studio teachers, including advanced technical skills in their particular discipline; a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of repertoire and musical concepts; and the skills to conduct and appraise research critically.

It is intended that graduates of this course majoring in the pedagogy stream will bring to their work a comprehensive knowledge of the repertoire for the instrument/s they will teach at the pre-tertiary level, the ability to make informed decisions about appropriate developmental sequences of learning and a thorough understanding of the technical and manipulative requirements of the instrument. Students will be required to think professionally about their work and to plan for their own continuing development.

Articulation to/from Course

The GradDipMS is part of an articulated sequence of postgraduate programs in Music Studies, including a Graduate Certificate and a Masters. Students who complete the requirements of the GradDipMS program may elect to complete the 50% Major Research Project unit and achieve a Master of Music Studies degree. Students who terminate their studies after completing 50% of the coursework units (including one 25% required unit) are eligible to achieve the Graduate Certificate of Music Studies.

NB: Students enrolled in the Performance/Composition streams intending to take the Major Research Project to complete the Master of Music Studies will need to include the following three units in their elective choices: Music Research Methodology, Topics in Music Theory and Topics in Music History; students enrolled in the Music Pedagogy stream will need to include Music Research Methodology; Orchestral Studies stream students should include either Music Research Methodology, Repertoire Research or Musical Instrument Technique Study.


Students entering the program who have an Honours degree in the appropriate discipline from the University of Tasmania will be credited with the Music Research Methodology unit and one elective unit. Students with other postgraduate awards may apply for credit.

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