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2006 Graduate Certificate in Government(R5B)

Responsible faculty or institute:
Arts (principal)
Campus(es) Offered:
Course Duration: Minimum 1 yrs, Maximum 3 yrs.
Course Contact (faculty or school):


The course will cover two broad areas, namely, government and public administration, and policy development and implementation. This course addresses key principles underpinning government within a Westminster parliamentary system. It aims to provide a background to, and understanding of the theory and practice of public administration and management. It will examine the roles and responsibilities of the public servant, and the means through which government outputs (public policy) are formulated and implemented. This includes discussion of planning and budgeting as tools for public administration. Particular attention is paid to the question of reform within the public sector, and the issue and challenges arising form the introduction of 'public management' models. Difficulties and ambiguity inherent within political decision-making will also be analysed with reference to contemporary policy design. Relevant Tasmanian and Australian case studies will be considered, with an emphasis on reflexive thinking and practice. The course includes the development of a case study that addresses a practical, workplace-related example that relates course material back to the work place.

Admission & Prerequisites

Students are normally expected to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree from the University of Tasmania, or from another university or tertiary institution which is deemed equivalent. The Faculty may admit a person with some other tertiary qualification or relevant employment experience deemed equivalent to the above.

Articulation to/from Course

Students who successfully complete the award may apply to transfer a Graduate Diploma or Master of Public Policy, or a Graduate Diploma or Master of Public Administration (International) with full credit.

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