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2007 Associate Degree in Music Studies(F2Q)

Responsible faculty or institute:
Arts (principal)
Campus(es) Offered:
Course Duration: Minimum 2 yrs, Maximum 6 yrs.
Course Contact (faculty or school):


The Associate Degree in Music Studies degree is for students who are interested in gaining a wide understanding of music and developing knowledge, skills and techniques appropriate to employment in music related industries or other activities related to music or involving broad knowledge of music.

These course rules and specifications apply to students commencing the AssocDegMusSt in 2007. For students who commenced prior to 2007, the applicable course rules are those from the year of commencement. i.e. students who commenced in 2005 should refer to the 2005 Handbook.

Admission & Prerequisites

Normal university entry requirements apply. Applicants are required to take appropriate diagnostic tests to determine their level of music literacy.

Course Objectives

The course aims to provide students with the opportunity to gain a working knowledge of the academic, cultural, critical and technical language of music. The structure of the degree provides students with a comprehensive choice of units allowing students to improve their skills in broad areas of interest: solo and ensemble performance, composition, music history, musicianship and theory, audio design and MIDI technology.

Articulation to/from Course

Students who complete the AssocDegMusSt may apply to articulate into the BMusSt. All units successfully completed in the AssocDegMusSt could potentially be credited towards the BMusSt. NB: The Bachelor of Music Studies does have required units so, for complete credit transfer from the Associate degree, unit choice would need to comply with the more structured schedule of the BMusSt. Students who wish to specialise in performance or composition may, upon completion of the AssocDegMusSt apply for the BMus in their area of specialization and, if accepted, have up to 100% credited towards the BMus, of units taken that also appear in the Bachelor of Music schedule.

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