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2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts(F3E)

Responsible faculty or institute:
Arts (principal)
Campus(es) Offered:
Course Duration: Minimum 3 yrs, Maximum 6 yrs.
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This on-campus 3-year (minimum) full-time course is offered by the Faculty of Arts through the Tasmanian School of Art at Hobart. Part-time study is also available.

These course rules and specifications apply to students commencing the BFA in 2007. For students who commenced prior to 2007, the applicable course rules are those from the year of commencement. i.e. students who commenced in 2004 should refer to the 2004 Handbook.

Admission & Prerequisites

All applicants will be required to submit a portfolio of recent art work (which may include slides, photographs or video) and attend an interview. Where there are circumstances which prevent an applicant attending for interview, a brief statement outlining interest in the course, including any relevant experience or qualifications, should also be provided, including a portfolio of recent artwork. It is a distinct advantage for applicants to have completed TCE Art, Craft & Design or have equivalent experience and/or qualifications, since admission is competitive.

Course Objectives

The Bachelor of Fine Arts is designed to give students a broad visual arts education and to offer them a wide range of possible disciplines in which to undertake a major program of study. The course requires a commitment to studio-based study, and also offers a substantial program in art and design theory. There are opportunities for specialised study in various disciplines, all of which are informed by a rigorous and challenging ongoing theoretical debate. Majors may be undertaken in a range of studio practices. Students may also choose to do an art and design theory major in which they specialise in units from the Art Theory program and are eligible to enrol in a number of units cross-listed from other disciplines in the Faculty of Arts.

Career Outcomes

Graduates from the Bachelor of Fine Arts find employment in a variety of positions within the arts professions, including curatorial work, gallery administration, research and teaching, as well as participating in individual and group-generated projects and studio practice.

Articulation to/from Course

Students who complete the BFA with sufficient merit and who have completed 75% of Art and Design Theory units are eligible to apply for entry into the BFA(Hons) course.

Miscellaneous Information


Students who are accepted for transfer from other institutions can be given status for equivalent studies satisfactorily completed in bachelor degree programs in other universities. Applicants who are accepted for admission, and who have satisfactorily completed a related TAFE diploma, can be awarded status for up to one year or one-third of the degree requirement.

Students who have completed another previous degree and are commencing study in the BFA will normally be granted 25% credit towards the BFA. Credit is granted for study completed within the past ten years; but for those seeking credit for qualifications completed more than ten years ago, consideration will be given to evidence of continuing professional practice in the field.

Transfer provisions

A student successfully completing all level 100 units of the course at one campus will be eligible to transfer to units at level 200 at the other campus with full status for level 100 units. However, they would normally only be able to enrol in major units at level 200 if they have completed the prerequisite level 100 major unit (full year level 100 Studio for Hobart students transferring to Launceston; semester 1 Introduction to 2D and 3D studies, full year Drawing and 25% semester 2 Studios for Launceston students transferring to Hobart). In exceptional circumstances the relevant discipline head or Head of School may approve an appropriate set of subjects to serve as a prerequisite where a stated prerequisite is not met.

Units from other courses

Students are permitted to enrol in units from another degree course to count towards the BFA, provided that the weighting of these units totals no more than 75%, being no more than 25% in each of years 1, 2 and 3.

Students enrolled in other courses

Students from other degree courses can take units in fine arts. However, many units have strict quotas and entry to the units is subject to School approval. Contact the School for details.

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