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2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours(F4A)

Responsible faculty or institute:
Arts (principal)
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Course Duration: Minimum 1 yrs, Maximum 2 yrs.
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This on-campus full-time (minimum 1 year), or part-time (minimum 2 years) course is offered by the Faculty of Arts through the Tasmania School of Art at Hobart .
Note: Students wishing to undertake honours study in visual arts in Launceston will enrol in the new Bachelor of Contemporary Arts with Honours course.

These course rules and specifications apply to students commencing the BFA(Hons) in 2007. For students who commenced prior to 2007, the applicable course rules are those from the year of commencement. i.e. students who commenced in 2004 should refer to the 2004 Handbook.

Admission & Prerequisites

For entry to the BFA(Hons) degree students must:

  • have completed a BFA degree or equivalent;
  • have completed 75% of Art and Design Theory units with an average of a Credit or above in their third year units unless there are exceptional circumstances. One only of these units must be a Professional Practice unit;
  • in the studio major, students are required to gain at least Distinctions in 75% of studio units, 50% of which must be in the third year of the major;
  • in the Art and Design Theory major, students are required to gain at least a distinction average in 75% of units in the major, 50% of which must be in the final year.

Course Objectives

Studio candidates

The course allows students to concentrate on developing a body of work of a speculative and individual nature. The emphasis is placed on a spirit of excellence and a strong sense of independent enquiry. Experimentation is encouraged and the candidate should have a firm commitment to the articulation of visual art theory in written, verbal and visual form, and its integration into art practice.

Candidates work with one or two supervisors in a studio/teaching area, and must be prepared to articulate the line of investigation which they wish to pursue. This will take the form of a proposal which establishes the framework for assessment.

Candidates also undertake a seminar program in which they present three short papers (approx 1,000 words each) discussing the content, form and context of their work. In consultation with theory staff and their studio supervisors candidates merge these three papers into their Research Essay (approx 3,000 words). This paper is presented as part of the candidates' examination submission. For studio-based candidates, the Art Theory component makes up approximately one fifth of the course.

Candidates will be examined by a panel of academic staff, on a presentation of visual work representing results of study undertaken during the year, along with the research essay which contextualises their work, and any other written documentation, such as diaries, notebooks and other relevant material. Candidates must satisfy the examiners as to the quality of their submissions in both studio and theory.

Theory candidates

Students undertaking Honours in Art and Design Theory will be required to write a Thesis (approx. 15,000 words) on a topic devised in consultation with their supervisor. In addition they will be required to write an essay (approx. 5,000 words) on a topic related to but separate from their thesis, and a Research Essay (approx. 3,000 words) outlining the content, methodology and context of their work. As with the studio candidates, the Research Essay will be developed in the form of three short papers and presented in the Honours Seminar program.

Career Outcomes

Graduates from the Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours find employment in a variety of positions within the arts professions, including curatorial work, gallery administration, research and teaching, as well as participating in individual and group-generated projects and studio practice.

Miscellaneous Information


Students enrol as follows:

FSA451 Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours (Full time) 50%
FSA452 Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours (Full time) 50%
FSA441 Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours (Part time) 25%
FSA442 Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours (Part time) 25%
FSA443 Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours (Part time) 25%
FSA444 Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours (Part time) 25%

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