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2007 Diploma in Languages(R2A)

Responsible faculty or institute:
Arts (principal)
Campus(es) Offered:
Course Duration: Minimum 3 yrs, Maximum 4 yrs.
Course Contact (faculty or school):


This course is offered by the Faculty of Arts and is available at Hobart and Launceston, and may be undertaken part time over two years or a maximum of three consecutive years.

In cases where study has been interrupted by illness or other unavoidable cause the Faculty may allow additional time in which to complete the course.

The languages available are Chinese, French, German, Indonesian and Japanese at Hobart, and Chinese and Indonesian at Launceston. For an outline of units available, turn to the Bachelor of Arts Schedule of units. Units at level 200/300 will be found listed under the entry for the relevant language.

These course rules and specifications apply to students commencing the DipLangs in 2007. For students who commenced prior to 2007, the applicable course rules are those from the year of commencement. i.e. students who commenced in 2004 should refer to the 2004 Handbook.

Admission & Prerequisites

Applicants must have passed the first year at university level in the language in which they wish to study or be deemed by the Head of School, Asian Languages and Studies or English, Journalism and European Languages to have reached an equivalent level of proficiency, eg TCE French or Indonesian Stage 5C (HA).

Course Objectives

The course is intended to provide candidates with or without a degree the opportunity to improve their language competency. Candidates who have completed the Diploma will normally gain a level of competence in their chosen language equivalent to that of a candidate who has studied the language as a major for the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Articulation to/from Course

Students who hold an award from this University or another approved institution may be permitted by the Faculty to count units from the former award towards the Diploma.

Students who graduate with a Diploma in Languages and wish to enter the Bachelor of Arts will be granted a total of 50% credit towards the BA, comprising 37.5% Group 2 and 12.5% Group 3. Students will be granted full credit towards the BA degree for subjects studies in an incomplete Diploma in Languages. Students who transfer to the BA from the DipLang and receive full credit cannot graduate with the DipLang.

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