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Bachelor - Combined


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2012 Bachelor of Information Systems and Bachelor of Laws(63F)

Responsible faculty or institute:
Science, Engineering and Technology
Law (principal)
Campus(es) Offered:
Launceston: (first year only)
Cradle Coast: (first year only)
Course Duration: Minimum 5 yrs, Maximum 11 yrs.
Course Contact (faculty or school): Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology (03) 6226 2125 or School of Computing and Information Systems (03) 6226 6200 or 1800 687 120. Faculty of Law (03) 6226 7510


This on-campus 5-year full-time course is offered by the Faculty ofScience, Engineering and Technologyand the Faculty of Law and is available at Hobart. The first year only is also offered at the Launceston and Cradle Coast campus. This course may be studied part-time.

Admission & Prerequisites

Students must pass the first year of their BInfoSys degree K3H, including the units LAW121 Introduction to Law, and LAW122 Legal Systems, available at Hobart, Launceston and the Cradle Coast Campus, or the academic equivalent.

There is a quota on places in the Bachelor of Information Systems-Bachelor of Laws degree and the assessment of applications will be based on academic merit, taking into consideration previous university studies.

The three methods of entry are:

Direct Entry (for Year 12 leavers only)
To be qualified for University entry with a TER score of 90 or above (limited places available in this entry category); or

Alternative Entry
A first year in another faculty, which includes the units LAW121 Introduction to Law, and LAW122 Legal Systems (or the academic equivalent); or

Graduate Entry
A bachelor degree.

Course Objectives

The objectives of the combined degree courses are those of the component degrees. Reference should be made to the Bachelor of Information Systems and Bachelor of Laws course entries.

Career Outcomes

Graduates of combined degrees could expect to find open to them all the career paths that are open to graduates of the component degree courses.

Miscellaneous Information


The components, and the assessment, of the Law Skills unit have been fully integrated into the compulsory units. Each compulsory unit description outlines the skills covered by that unit.

Moots - Students are required to enrol, attend and participate in one moot. Satisfactory performance in the moot is a prerequisite to obtaining the degree.

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