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2013 Bachelor of Arts (Honours)(R4A)

Responsible faculty or institute:
Arts (principal)
Campus(es) Offered:
Launceston: Not all programs of study will be offered in Launceston
Course Duration: Minimum 1 yrs, Maximum 2 yrs.
Course Contact (faculty or school):


The Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree allows students who have completed the Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Tasmania, or graduates with a completed three year undergraduate degree from a recognised Australian university, or a person with some other tertiary qualification and relevant employment experience, a year of study to develop a body of knowledge in a specific context as further preparation to undertake professional work and/or as a pathway for research and further learning. Graduates of the degree will have developed advanced knowledge of the underlying principles and concepts in one or more Humanities or Social Science disciplines and knowledge of research principles and methods.

This 1 year full time (or, at the discretion of the relevant School, 2 consecutive years part time) course is available at Hobart and Launceston. Candidates whose work has been interrupted by illness or other unavoidable cause may be permitted to complete their course over a longer period of time.

Candidates wishing to apply for a place must submit an application form, obtainable from Student Administration, by the date specified by the University. The accompanying Schedule lists the programs offered in thecourse.

The following disciplines are available within the Bachelor of Arts (Honours):

  • Aboriginal Studies (not offered Semester 2 2013)
  • Asian Studies
  • Chinese
  • Classics
  • Criminology (only available in Hobart)
  • English
  • English (Creative Writing) (not offered 2013)
  • French (not offered 2013)
  • Geography and Environmental Studies
  • German
  • History
  • Indonesian
  • International Relations
  • Japanese
  • Journalism, Media and Communications
  • Philosophy
  • Police Studies
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public Policy
  • Sociology
  • Professional Humanities (only Classics and Languages stream are on offer in 2013)
  • Professional Social Sciences (only Human Services Practice stream is on offer in 2013)

These course rules and specifications apply to students commencing the BA(Hons) in 2013. For students who commenced prior to 2013, the applicable course rules are those from the year of commencement. i.e. students who commenced in 2009 should refer to the 2009 Handbook.

Admission & Prerequisites

Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours:

  • must have qualified for admission to the degree of Bachelor of Arts, or another approved Bachelor degree, in this University or another approved tertiary institution;
  • if a candidate from another approved tertiary institution, must have qualified for admission to a fourth year honours course in the proposed program of study or a cognate program;
  • are required by Faculty to have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.0 or better in the intermediate and advanced level units forming a major in that program. Currently, the GPA is calculated on the basis of a HD=7, DN=6, CR=5, PP=4; without any failure in the units that makes up that GPA, for the units at intermediate and advanced level in the proposed program or otherwise approved by the program director;
  • if undertaking a combined honours program, should qualify for entry in both programs to be studied;
  • should consult the following schedule for full details of program offerings as some programs prescribe additional units and a standard in the major higher than the Faculty minimum GPA for entry to their honours program.

Exemptions regarding entry requirements may be made at the discretion of the program director.

Admission in semester 2 is possible in some programs. Contact the relevant school for information.

BA(Hons) course specifications are published in the Calendar, copies of which are held in the University Library, Student Administration, School Offices and the Faculty Office, and is available on the Web starting at

Course Objectives

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) course allows candidates to pursue in-depth study in the program or programs of their choice and at the same time to demonstrate a level of excellence that will allow them to pursue higher degree studies.

Career Outcomes

In Australia and around the world, employers are increasingly seeing graduates who can speak and write clearly; who are computer literate and understand how to use technology; who know about other countries, cultures and societies; who can solve problems creatively; and who have developed that flexibility of thought which technical and vocational training rarely encourages. Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree find jobs in, for example: advertising, journalism, radio and television; arts administration, heritage and curatorial positions; diplomacy, interpreting and tourism; management, marketing and administration; politics, the public service, the police force and the armed forces; research and publishing; social welfare and community work, or go onto academic careers.

Articulation to/from Course

Students who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Arts with Honours with a program of study that included a 50 thesis/dissertation may apply for entry to a higher degree (Masters or PhD) in accordance with policies governing candidature for such admission.

Students who have successfully completed the professional stream, with the exception of Professional Human Services Practice stream, will be eligible to apply for a full-year's credit in the relevant Masters (coursework) program offered by the Faculty of Arts. Masters (coursework) programs are generally offered on a fullfee paying basis.

Students who complete one semester of study in Honours but are unable to continue their study may graduate with a Graduate Certificate in Arts (Specialisation) degree, or may apply at a future date, to continue study in the relevant full fee paying Graduate Diploma degree (subject to availability) offered by the Faculty of Arts. Where this is the case the students must submit their application for admission and for credit to the University.

Miscellaneous Information

General provisions

The Dean (or Dean's delegate) may, on the recommendation of the Head of School, grant a candidate an extension of time for the completion of a thesis where a thesis is required as part of an honours examination.

Except by special permission of the Faculty there is no re-examination of honours thesis.

The classes of honours are First Class, Second Class, and Third Class. There is an upper and lower division in the second class.

Candidates who have obtained honours in one course may proceed to honours in another course provided that they undertake a further year's work and provided that the discipline or disciplines which comprise the earlier course are not included in the later course.

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