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2013 Bachelor of Marine Science(K3B)

Responsible faculty or institute:
Science, Engineering and Technology (principal)
Campus(es) Offered:
Course Duration: Minimum 3 yrs, Maximum 9 yrs.
Course Contact (faculty or school):

Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology (03) 6226 2125 or Dr Kelvin Michael, Degree Coordinator, (03) 6226 2977


This 3-year (minimum) full-time or part-time course is offered by the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology at Hobart and builds on the University's global reputation of excellence in temperate marine research.

Admission & Prerequisites

Minimum University entrance requirements including CHM5C Chemistry 5C for students seeking admission to the Biological stream and MME5C Mathematical Methods 5C, PHY5C Physics 5C and CHM5C Chemistry5C for students seeking admission to the Physical stream. These pre-requisites can also be met by completion of appropriate foundation units provided by the University of Tasmania, namely KMA003 Mathematics Foundation Unit, KRA001 Chemistry Foundation Unit or KYA004 Physics Foundation Unit.

Course Objectives

The BMarSc aims to provide students with knowledge, competencies, skills and awareness of a variety of subjects linked together by the common theme of Marine Science. Marine Science is a rich and diverse discipline, which emphasises an interdisciplinary approach that includes elements of biology, chemistry, physics, geology, oceanography, mathematics and other sciences.

The biological stream provides a rigorous education in plant science and zoology with a focus on the biology and ecology of marine and freshwater organisms, such as algae, bacteria, invertebrates, fish and mammals, and their dynamics in marine and freshwater ecosystems. The physical stream provides a solid foundation in the physical sciences (mathematics, physics, earth sciences) allowing students to specialise in a range of sub-disciplines, including physical oceanography, chemical oceanography or marine geosciences.

Career Outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Marine Science will be competitive applicants for jobs in a wide range of fields, for example:

Marine and freshwater research
Biological, chemical or physical oceanography
Managing commercial and sport fisheries
Marine ecosystems, climate research and impact assessments
Environmental conservation
Management of marine coastal resources

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