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2013 Bachelor of Computing and Bachelor of Teaching(S3X)

Responsible faculty or institute:
Science, Engineering and Technology (principal)
Campus(es) Offered:
Launceston: (first year only)
Course Duration: Minimum 4 yrs, Maximum 10 yrs.
Course Contact (faculty or school):

Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology (03) 6226 2125 or School of Computing and Information Systems (03) 6226 2900 (Hobart) or (03) 6324 3469 (Launceston) or; Faculty; Faculty of Education (03) 6226 2546


Note: This course is in teachout.

The Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology and the Faculty of Education offer this four year full-time (or part-time equivalent) course in Hobart. The first year is also available in Launceston.

Admission & Prerequisites

Minimum university entrance requirements, however first year science units in chemistry, mathematics and physics have specific TCE prerequisites. Students are encouraged to study some of the following subjects: MSP5C Mathematics Specialised; MME5C Mathematics Methods; MAP5C Mathematics Applied; IF862 Computer Science; CHM5C Chemistry; PHY5C Physics; BIO5C Biology; PSC5C Sciences.
Students who do not hold the necessary prerequisites for chemistry, mathematics or physics will be admitted to these units following successful completion of the relevant chemistry (KRA001), mathematics (KMA003) or physics (KYA004) foundation units. Foundation units are conducted between November and February and at other times subject to demand.
Subject prerequisites apply within the degree.

Course Objectives

The BComp-BTeach qualifies students for employment as secondary teachers in the information technology, mathematics or science areas.

In addition to the objectives of the Bachelor of Computing program, the Bachelor of Teaching component aims to provide students with an understanding of:

* the content, conceptual ordering and methods of inquiry of relevant subject areas

* how students learn and develop with individual differences
* the relationship between content knowledge and the process of teaching, and the ability to plan and manage the teaching and learning process
* alternative teaching practices in particular contexts with particular kinds of content;
* student development, including how teaching and learning outcomes are embedded in, and structured by, cultural and social processes.
* communicating, interacting and working with students of diverse abilities, interests and backgrounds
* engaging students actively in the learning process in an inclusive and non-discriminatory manner.

Career Outcomes

The BComp-BTeach is suitable for students who wish to obtain a computing degree with the view to becoming a teacher. Graduates will be qualified to teach in secondary schools in the computing discipline and the area of their sub-major (i.e. mathematics or science).

Articulation to/from Course

If students have completed the TAFE Diploma of Information Technology they may be granted up to four units advanced standing.

The BComp articulates into the S4D Bachelor of Computing with Honours.

Professional Recognition

Undergraduate students of the BComp are eligible for student membership of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). On completion of the degree and entry into the computing profession, graduates can apply to become full members these bodies.

Teacher registration (Tasmanian Teachers Registration Board)

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